Aside from what the teenaged population of the world might tell you, mirrors can be used for much more than just morning make-up and hair-styling routines. The aficionado of interior design looks at the mirror as he or she does any piece of decor; instead of reconciling with perceived limitations, he or she seeks to explore and create something new. Here are some innovative ways you can start to decorate with mirrors and unleash your inner Picasso.

Go bold with mirror art.

Instead of plastering your walls with pictures of paintings and photographs, you can use a mirror as the focal point of a room. Use a decorated mirror or set of mirrors to reflect light and draw attention, or hang a mirror whose style matches the theme of the room. Keep it minimal; even using a single, large wall mirror can give a space that extra something. 

Expand the space with mirrors.

Have you ever walked into a room and seen a massive wall mirror that makes the space look twice as large as it actually is? You're witnessing a visually pleasing illusion that many people will find satisfying. Why not do the same in your mirror-decorating strategy? Remember: location and placement are key. When you decorate with mirrors, there's a difference between a satisfying illusion and a ridiculous deception.

Add another mirror or three.

Some say you can never have enough mirrors in a room. If you think so too, try to decorate with mirrors on the same wall. The goal isn't to overwhelm, but rather embellish in group-form. Make sure that the scale of each mirror used is proportionate to the others - don’t use a bunch of smaller mirrors to decorate a larger wall; you don't want people walking in and thinking you're that full of yourself.

Standing mirrors create drama.

Placing a larger, vertical mirror on the floor inside of a bedroom or smaller space can create a dramatic effect while being practical at the same time. Make it large enough and you'll have a personal mirror fit for two: get dressed with your spouse, do something goofy with your kids, or just make people extremely self-aware when they enter the room and are greeted by an unexpected reflection of themselves. Either way, be creative and make sure that standing mirror is sturdy. 

Reflect artificial light.

This is where things really get interesting. If you're decorating a room that perhaps does not have many windows or a means of providing natural light, you can decorate with smaller, wall-mounted mirrors to reflect artificial light around the room and create inspiring illusions. Light some candles for a candle-lit dinner and use mirrors to amplify the glow; bust out the antique lamps and turn your dining room into a 19th-century log cabin. Or just make things brighter without running up the electrical bill. 

Amp up bedroom energy with a mirror.

According to interior designer and artist Celia Berliner, a floor-to-ceiling mirror can amp up bedroom energy when placed strategically in a bedroom and give the illusion of "double square-footage" when combined stylistically with the room's curtains and floor. Place it on the wall adjacent to the bed and you do the rest.