You may see a modern flower vase or a cyan planter as just an accessory to any home decor strategy, but vases and planters can do much more than show off a rose or two.

Arrange a few empty vases in an order of your choosing around similar decor to add a Greek feel to your home, or rest a large, empty vase on top of a pedestal of some sort to make a bold, charismatic statement.

It’s these minor home decor tactics that piece together and tell the story of who you are and that help to paint your home’s bigger picture. Here are some of our favorite planters and vases that we think will work best in both modern and traditional home decor strategies.

Peacock Feather Flower Vase

This tall, modern flower vase exhibits a sleek blue color that blends well in most modern or traditional home decor settings. Its swirled glass design illustrates an intriguing pattern. Expect a vase like this one to bring a room together and have guests stopping to ask where you got it from.

Large Isela Planter

This is a larger planter that’s able to hold many types of flowers, plants, and herbs. Unlike a large flower vase, this planter’s wide base and shallow depth allow it to sit almost anywhere without a great chance of falling while properly displaying the greenery it holds. It’s got an eastern, almost-oriental feel that relaxes the room and entangles anyone whose eyes it catches.

Small Petra Flower Vase

Another modern flower vase, this intrinsically eye-catching piece of art made of glass and embellished with a smoked, white finish will grab anyone’s attention. Its shape is unique and its aurora is that of warmth, comfort, and unique style. Place it anywhere in your home where you’re looking to make a real, noticeable difference in your home decor.

Small Rotundus Planter

This small, brown planter sports an archaic look of sorts and adds a slight vintage feel to the room. Display it next to a large flower vase for a feeling of contrast or let it stand on its own for some inspiring symbolism. Its unique color can help it either stand out or blend in, depending on the home decor and color scheme that are already present. 

Large Tuscany Modern Flower Vase

Our third modern flower vase is a tall, slender vase made of aluminum with a copper finish that complements the home decor of most homes with a modern setting. It’s also made from high-quality materials that will keep it alive and well for many years. Pick a few of your most favorite flowers and put them on display somewhere special. 

Small Byers Planter

Finally, this planter is for the traditional household and home decor scheme. It’s made from high-quality fiber clay and glistens with a sand-colored look straight out of ancient Rome. Its nine-inch height and fifteen-inch diameter make it ideal for all kinds of plants, herbs, and other types of greenery.

So accessorize your home decor with Zinc Decor.

Nothing in any home decor strategy is just an accessory. Everything works together to tell the larger story of who you are. We've got all kinds of decor items, big and small, that fit into almost any home decor setting.