10 Genius Ideas for Decorating with Large Wall Mirrors

There’s a reason funhouses are made of mirrors. Large wall mirrors give your decorating a whole new range of personality. They can use natural light together with the room’s layout to make something more beautiful than light fixtures alone can provide. Here are 10 genius ideas for decorating with large wall mirrors. Use all those natural light advantages and beautiful crystal styles to their prime efficiency. 

Wall mirror giant clock

This is a big trend now in the modern decor community. If you have a large wall mirror installed, then this will be optimal. Wall mirror giant clock stickers come in a variety of number fonts and styles. They use the reflection of light and shadow to tell the time of day. It's best to invest in luminous stickers with reflective material print. Using reflective wall clocks on a wall mirror will provide glare from the mirror's body as lighting hits it. The raised areas on the stickers create a reflective gradient - bright numbers and a shadow along the edge of the font. 

Using geometry to build on themes 

You can do so much with one giant wall mirror. But you should also consider geometric shapes of mirrors arranged in wall patterns to form larger wall mirrors. By painting the mirror frames, you can add a repeating accent of colors throughout the group. 

The Wonderland mirror

Want to add a sense of mystery or fantasy to your home? Hang an oval-shaped mirror dead center of the mirror wall you’ve selected. A vanity mirror or a round glass mirror will do the trick. Then, use vine shapes and geometric designs to create fantasy frames.  

Golden Basket Mirror with Fairy Lights

Framing mirrors with fairy lights and wall plug-ins isn’t a new concept. Yet, the theme can be played on a bit and given a new twist. 

A mirror with a woven frame is perfect to use. The shape of the mirror itself can be used to criss-cross strands of fairy lights through gaps in the mirror’s weave. It’s easy if you follow the mirror’s natural shape. Weaving the lights together, you will eventually have a basket of what looks like golden straw. This works best if you use narrow strands of fairy lights, like the kind you’d get for weddings or event venues.

Fountain of youth mirror

A birdbath need not only be for the birds in your yard! You can use natural light to make an eternal fountain of youth for your mirror wall. What you will need is tea candles or electric tea candles, a wall mirror of your choice, a small-to-moderate birdbath, and a small designer bowl. 

Affix your wall mirror to a wall where you would normally install a vanity. Instead of matching the mirror with a vanity table, place a birdbath under the mirror. Place the tea candles in the bowl and float in the birdbath. Your designer mirror will reflect the light back on the water.

LED frames

Select a wall mirror with a smooth, heavily defined frame. Then, contour the edges by framing them with LED strip lights. For the best effect, you can purchase strip lights in multi colors that change color upon remote control. The mirror will reflect the light from its frame in its glass for a mesh of color.

Lava Lamp reflection

Setting a lava lamp on the table of a new vanity set at an angle with the mirror is one way to create a focal point. The mirror will work with the lamp to give the room a glow and a unique character. 

Mirror as a cipher message decoder 

Want to draw focus to a mirror? Hang a poster with the words written backwards on the opposite facing wall to where you hang a large wall mirror. Your guests will look into your mirror to read what the message says. This will give your room a sense of mystique as well as make it feel bigger.

Signature candelabra with mirror

Placing a candelabra on the vanity with your mirror will reflect light and bring sophistication to any room. 

Mix and match!  

Who’s to say that some of these designs won’t look good together? The LED frame mirror may look cool with the cipher message reflection idea. If you buy extra fairy lights for the golden basket mirror you can wrap them around the base of a birdbath in the fountain of youth idea. The electric lights and the candlelight will work together in the mirror’s face to add a soft glow to your room’s lighting ideas.

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